Holy Bejeevers

I’m out of my tree.  I get like this…a little frantic.  If I slow down and pace myself I realize it will all be okay, but at this moment–11:43 on Monday evening, I’m a bit out of my tree.Dscn3801

In two weeks from yesterday I’m having my wedding!  But I’m not even stressed about my OWN wedding!  It’s everyone else’s wedding that I’m worked up over.  I want to have my pending orders printed and shipped by the time I head out on April 14th for a week.  Taking care of business, plus working at the frame shop isn’t leaving me much time to do things for our wedding.

I haven’t picked up (or tried on for that matter) the dress from the seamstress.
I haven’t gotten earrings or a pretty hair clip to wear.
I haven’t made appointments for mani/pedi.
I haven’t gotten the taper candles for the candleabras.
I haven’t started making the notecard favors I’ve got planned, or the place cards.
I haven’t finalized the menu.
I haven’t firmed up a time for the photographer.
I haven’t gotten the marriage license.

Jinkies…better get to it, I guess!

March 24th, 2008

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  1. Good luck with all you have left to do :) Those little details definitely sneak up on you, especially when you are in charge of fine details for so many others’ weddings! You must take time to focus on your own though and give yourself plenty of time to be. in. the. moment. Good luck :)

  2. The only thing you absolutely MUST do is get that marriage license. The day will go on without the rest…
    So excited for you!

  3. I’d be flipping too! I hope you’re winding down on other’s projects because, Girl, you need to start worrying about yourself! Do pace yourself now and try to take that last week for your own plans.

  4. What Cicada said….and what can you delegate? ‘Cause you need to start doing so. Have your fiance pick up the marriage license and call the photographer. Look online for the hairclip and earrings TODAY!
    (GAWD, I sound like a bossy older sister….sorry….I am one)

  5. good luck! Just breathe, take it one thing at a time. Weddings can be stressful, just dont let it turn you into a bridezilla!

  6. KARIN SAM says:

    so did you mention to your audience the phone call from the manager of your wedding reception place?! Sure , share that story!!

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