Oh, what a relief it is!

No, I don’t have indigestion–although I did for a good few days there!  First, thanks all of you for your helpful and supportive comments after the wedding-transfer debacle!  You had some great suggestions.  The good news is, that I don’t have to use any of them because we’re staying put–but not after a roller-coaster ride of epic proportions.  Yeah, yeah, I know children are starving in Africa, but when it comes to weddings the universe is pretty small.  Was that insensitive?  I can be a little insensitive at times.

So my mom and I go to the new place on Thursday at noon to meet with the new catering managers and see the new space.  My heart sank when I walked in.  Keep in mind, in the spring, summer and fall the place is very desirable because it’s a gorgeous Japanese garden with extraordinary outdoor facilities.  But in April–it looks like a freekin’ highschool cafeteria–they even had the local student’s artwork hanging on the gaping white walls.  There was nothing that the new event manager could tell me that would convince me that I could give that room the cozy feel of the original location I was counting on.

But I kept an open mind.  Until, about a half hour or more into our meeting the other manager came out of the office  and stopped us in our tracks–there was an event already scheduled there that day!!!

I will opt to spare you the expletive stream of thoughts that passed through my mind and out my lips at that moment.  But needless to say, there was a bit of annoyance.  After all of that nonsense, we were back to square one!

Fine by me.  I booked my wedding at the original place for a reason!  I was going for less of a wedding feel and more of a dinner party vibe.  All’s well that ends well–we’re on for next Sunday at 3 pm.

Now we’re busy mixing up the tunes on the IPOD…when it’s all over, remind me to tell you about my "entrance theme".

March 29th, 2008

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  1. Oh, thank heaven! wa-hew!
    Your wedding sounds a bit like my second, too- right down to the iPod mix. You will have an excellent day…!! Can’t wait to see you all beautiful in your gown and glow.
    Oh, and every time I read your updates, it just reminds me that I’m turning 39 that day. Nothing to be done about that- no event planner’s head to chew off or anything- which sounds pretty satisfying for letting off steam! We most certainly should plan a little get together someday! Would be so much fun to meet.

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