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Ugh…I got me a toofache

Can’t tell if it’s my jaw hurting from constantly clenching when I’m both awake and asleep…or if it’s truly a tooth giving me trouble.  I’m not miserable–but I am panicked as I always am when something even presents itself as slightly wrong with me medically.  The last thing I want to be dealing with three weeks before my wedding is a potential dental problem.  So tomorrow morning, I’m calling my good dentist, Dr. Joe.

Now, there are only a couple of things that I can think of that I’d prefer to do than have dental work.  One is eating rusted pins and washing them down with boric acid.  And the other is giving birth to a breached porcupine with no epidural.

So needless to say it should be awesome!

Check out Paraphernalia’s shop for some cool dental work that won’t hurt!

Let Them Eat Cake!

For heaven’s sake, I am just smothered in adorable-ness.  Is there even such a thing as adorable-ness or did I just make that up?  I’m not so sure…but I do know if there was, it would be in the form of a custom illustrated cake topper by Miss Avocado.  Remember a couple of posts back I told you I was ordering one of these???  I sent Abbie (the above-mentioned artiste!) mine and Darryl’s engagement photo and this specimen of cutistry (now I KNOW i just made up THAT word!) is what she came back with.  I am just in love with the illustration alone–but the real thing will come to me in 3-d collage which I know will about stop my beating heart!

I got a little Bridal Shower!

Bridal Shower, originally uploaded by mewpaperarts.

What fun, fun, fun!  It wasn’t a surprise, no–but it was wonderful just the same!  My friend–who is also my mom’s dear friend, administered the perfect evening for a few of our friends last night at her house.  Bridal_shower_2

There was  food–quiches, and finger sandwiches, and crab cakes (which I made!) and little egg salad pastry cups, and cheese and crackers and fried raviolis (which my mom made) and stuff…just tons of stuff!  And dessert…forget it.  Remember my baker friend I told you about a while back–well she was responsible for the desserts and did she ever deliver!

There were libations aplenty–spiked punch with sherbet, and Corona’s, and red and white wine!Drinks

There were gifts–jewels, and gorgeous tableware, and hand blown drinking glasses, antique pillow covers and sweet lingerie.  There were even handmade gifts–my friends know me well and I got two amazing and special mermaid things!  I even got a sentimental and touching gift from my former kindergarten teacher and dear friend who passed away unexpectedly early this year.  As a gift from me to each of my honored guests I gave them Body Kisses from Gudonyatoo!

What a night!  What a perfect and delightful night with a lovely bunch of women!  I am a lucky, lucky gal!

Have you ever met my mom?

The mudder, originally uploaded by mewpaperarts.

I know you read her comments…she’s usually one of the first (and often the only!) one who posts regularly to my blog! She is my assistant AND my boss. My most honest critic AND biggest fan. She’s a publicist, an agent, a sales rep, an idea generator and a sounding board. And best of all–she puts up with ME!

This photo was taken last year when she was helping me get ready for my first appearance at the Providence Open Market. Since then she comes with me to almost every craft fair and bridal expo and always stays till the end.

I recently picked up a new client from the first bridal expo I attended–my mom was there with me also chatting up the brides and admiring their engagement rings. When I asked the new client how she came to find me, she reminded me that we met through the show and said that what drew her to me was my attractive display and the fact that “my helper was really lovely!” How sweet is that?

I’m not always as nice as I should be to my mom…we have our ups and downs. But I’m lucky to have her. Go mom!

I got a new hat.

That is all.



How could no one have told me???

I feel like I have been walking around all night with toilet paper stuck to my foot.  Or my skirt tucked into my stockings.  Or a giant piece of spinach between my front teeth!  How could you, my blogging peeps not have told me about the glaring huge typo in MY BLOG BANNER of all places!!!  For weeks it’s been up there!  My mom (who is also my editor, my agent, my publicist and my chief operating officer!) called me snickering to herself last night about it!  And for the life of me I couldn’t figure out how to change the darn thing…turns out you have to have a "plus" or "pro" account to edit.  Geez.  But I think it’s fixed now!  *blushes*

Mermaid Scales

Mermaid Scales, originally uploaded by mewpaperarts.

I’m sure that’s what these must be. Brilliant chips of crystallized mermaid scales. The winter months have done me in. D-U-N. I came upon this photo from last summer and it has me desperately longing for warmer days. Days which I will spend combing the seashore in search of mermaid scales!

Cleanin’ up my act!

I’ll tell you something…I’ve got a grungy side.  I know, that’s a little gross.  Maybe TMI.  I’m not a dirtbag, let’s get one thing straight.  But I can go weeks in winter without shaving my legs.  And I never wash my hair every day.  I’ve never been one of those types who luxuriates in the tub and has boxes and bushels of bath and beauty booty.  (that my friends, is an alliteration to write home about!).

Hooooowever…I am a convert these days.  I have been wanting for ages to try this Body Kiss from Gudonyatoo.  I finally ordered one and tried it in my morning shower yesterday.  Suh-mooooooth is an understatement!  First of all, I would have eaten the thing…a rich vanilla scent combined with the grainy oatmeal.  Mmmm.  I came home very late last night from a visit with friends and I took ANOTHER shower just to use the thing…at 2 am.  And I loved it so much I bought 20 more as favors for my upcoming little bridal shower!

So, listen to what I say my friends…march yourself over to
  and try one for yourself! 

Look what’s New at Mew Studios!

Busy, busy, busy in the studio dreaming up new ideas to make your wedding splendid!  And I do believe I have just the thing!  While I sat and ooh-ed and aah-ed over the new Anthropologie catalogue, I became inspired by these delicious, embroidered pillowsAnthropillo
The texture and materials of the pillows is rich and organic, but I re-interpreted the invitations to have a clean, bold and kind of modern edge.  As always, the ink and paper colors can be adapted to suit your color scheme, but I find them striking as is.  See the rest of the new goodies at Mew here, and remember to check back often for more! 

Honeymoon Wish List

I want everything here.  All of it.  Not just want it, need it.  To take with me on my tropical getaway.  I keep telling myself that since we’re just going to the beach for a week we really don’t need to bring anything–a swimsuit, a coverup, a dress and some sandals.  But I keep finding more things to fall in love with.  All of these beauties are from my favorite British online boutique, Anusha.  Guess I’d better figure out the pounds to dollars conversions before I go on any shopping sprees!