A sneaky little getaway…

We've been back from our honeymoon for more about a month now, and I haven't gotten over the post-tropical depression.  Sure, I'm back in my routine and all adjusted to being home–but that may be a part of the problem.  Yesterday was memorial day and I felt so displaced.  It was a gorgeous day and I felt obliged to be outside, but outside here is just not even comparable to outside there where there's blue water, and white sand, and frozen beverages.  We stayed up late last night to watch a special on Turks and Caicos on the travel channel–the host of the show was a total dweeb and the program kind of sucked, but just seeing the place again made my soul twitch in suburban discomfort.English rose

We've got to face reality though and eventually own up to the fact that we are condo dwellers after all, and not island people–though it would certainly be an easy adjustment to make.  So we've vowed to spice things up a bit–while we have this low-maintenance lifestyle in the condo with a very reasonable monthly payment we are going to travel more.  There's really nothing to stop us so we're going for it.

We're starting small, with a weekend getaway to nearby Flemington, New Jersey.  For a wedding gift, my dear friend Michele gave us a gift of an overnight stay at her aunt's B & B.  Apparently Flemington is a darling little town, just 9 miles from Lambertville which is another darling little town full of shops and restaurants and historic homes.  We haven't settled on a date yet, but we're thinking Mid-July…Lobby

So off we go…Anthony Bourdain's got nothin' on us!  Plllllbbbbttttt!!!

May 27th, 2008

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  1. Lambertville, New Hope, and the surrounding areas are so so lovely. You will have a wonderful getaway!

  2. Oh, you will have fun there! You’re making me wish we could come along (no, not in the same room, silly!) You did get me thinking tho. Me and the Mr. are certainly feeling the pangs of being vacationless for about a year now. The horror.


    good plan!!


    good plan!!

  5. What a wonderful gift! Perfect to start off your new “Travel More” lifestyle.

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