Aaaaand finally…

I yammered on about my “secret project” long enough!  And now they’re dooooone!  Can you tell I’m excited?  I’m hoping that you and anyone else will find it as earth-shattering as I do!

A couple of weeks of experimenting has finally gotten these wall hooks to a prototype stage I’m comfortable with.  I’m still calling them prototypes because they are a smidge away from perfect yet. Each wall hook is made of a 5″ square pine block that I handpainted and glazed for a rustic, distressed feel.  In the center of each block is a 1 1/4″ round stainless steel drawer pull which I’ve  added my digital illustration encapsulated in clear resin to.

The original intention for these little guys is to hang in groups or pairs–perhaps in the kitchen for a dish towel, or in your toddler’s room near the bed for pajamas.  It’d be great near the door to hang the dog’s leash on too–or, in my case, the cat’s leash.  Yes, I “walk” my cat–or rather I clip a leash on to him and he lays down like a 424 lb. mammoth in distress.


I’m going to debut these for sale at a craft fair on December 6th.  I’ll try to get them in the Etsy shop before Christmas.  Feel free to contact me here to pre-order!

November 12th, 2008

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  1. Are these ever, ever, ever cute and cool?! Nice going.

  2. kalapohl says:

    I love them, they are absolutely lovely:):)

  3. Very cute and clever, Alissa!

  4. They turned out fantastic! I love the block of wood and the paint work. Clever idea there, girly!

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