Election Day Revisited–and this time YOU can win!

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Since everyone was so enthusiastic about going to the polls earlier this month, and even more enthusiastic about the results of the presidential election, I thought I’d try to grab some of that leftover excitement and get you voting one more time–with a chance for you to win a prize yourself!

No, no, it won’t change the world if you vote for me–but it will make  me very thrilled and excited and overjoyed!  That’s worth it, isn’t it?

Etsy is a having a Holiday Greetings Contest My Holiday Hedgehogs were one of 60 fabulous entries chosen!  There are some beautiful cards to choose from, but of course I want your vote!  No dirty campaigning here though!Picture 2

Though I don’t want to illegitimately solicit votes, I do want to spread awareness of the contest–not matter who you vote for!  For every comment left on this post, your name will be entered into a pool to win booty from my shop valued over $25!!!  Double your chances to win by blogging about the contest on your blog–but make sure to let me know of your blog link so I can give you proper credit!

*UPDATE*:  You need to be a registered Etsy user to vote.  Click here to become a member.

Go here to vote and spread the word!

November 12th, 2008

10 Responses

  1. Sarah says:

    Go Hedgehogs!

  2. Tia says:

    I totally voted for you. I didn’t even know there was a contest! How fun! Good luck!!
    xx Tia

  3. lindsay says:

    I didn’t know there was a contest either! Now that I know, I voted. thanks!

  4. Julie says:

    Voted for you!! I’ll leave you a blog link tonight (I’ll email you the link).

  5. Parallax says:

    Your hedgehogs are adorable, good luck with the campaign!

  6. I just went and voted! CHEERS!

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