The Votes Are In!

Holiday greetings contest

Thanks for voting!  The winner of the Holiday Greetings Contest was actually a tie between CaroleeDesigns and Dippylulu.  Both winners feature holiday sentiments that I'm sure we can all relate to! 

The Hedgies held their own and made their way to the top 21!  So thanks to you for all of your votes.

Remember, I'm picking a winner too.  Some people use random number generator, some pick a name out of a hat.  Here's what I did…I snuck into he bedroom early this morning when I knew I would find Dino in a deep sleep and completely incoherent.  I whispered "Say a number between 1 and 10".  Aaaaand…he said 7!  How much more random can you get than that!

Lucky number 7 is SimplyShay!  Shay will get her own set of Hedgie notes and gift tags…and one more little surprise!

See the rest of the top 21 favorites here.

November 16th, 2008

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  1. That’s a fine mix of cards- congrats for placing so high! And contrats to Shay for winning, too.

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