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You remember my last trip to NYC don’t you?  Not my favorite place on earth.  I went back and forth about whether to skip the trip this time because of the stupid swine flu epidemic!  (Yes, that’s true…crazy, I know, but true).  I’m glad I didn’t let my brain make a decision for me because overall I think the day was a good one!

I went in to attend a workshop hosted by Liene Stevens, the founder of The Smart Planner and Blue Orchid Designs.  The premise of the workshop was to learn tips about optimizing your blogging capabilities for business.  I learned a lot about search engine optimization, consistency and readability.  I can’t tell you everything I learned and give away the secrets!  But you can expect to see a major makeover coming soon to my own blog and my custom wedding invitation site.  These types of events always leave me with lots of energy that I can’t wait to put to good use!  Plus, I got to meet some wonderful women in the business from wedding planners, to other stationery designers. (That’s Liene’s twit pic posted above–I’m somwhere near the back on the comfy white couch!)

In other good news, I didn’t have to take a taxi or subway at all, and the rain held out so I got to sport my sassy new black peep-toe heels…sensible black flip-flops for walking.  After the workshop ended I met up with my wonderful old pal for burgers and beers at Rare.  We were like two old ladies vying for the early-bird special as we sat down to eat at 4:30!

You know, when everything goes my way (read:  when I do not contract swine flu) the city’s not so bad after all.

May 28th, 2009

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    good girl – now make arrangements for “gay Paree” and you will have a ball!!

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