Chipping Away

It never fails that when I’m starting to stress about being a little slow at work, the floodgates open and I’m once again blessed with an abundance of the work I so love to do.  Today, that abundance was a tiny bit overwhelming, but I was able to isolate the reason why and just chip away at my to-do list and get it done.

One of the reasons things got a little hairy today is that we are going out of town for a few days on Sunday and that always comes with anxiety for me–getting work done, leaving the cat alone, being far from home (I really hate that).  But I still have all day tomorrow too, so I’m in good shape to get all of my work done.  And I’m going to bring the laptop, which now has Illustrator on it so I can attend to important matters while relaxing on my little porch chair looking out at the harbor.  (oh, we’re going to Block Island, Rhode Island–staying at this cute little place in the downtown area right across from the water.)

The other reason was that there was a bit of a hiccup today with an order.  Unfortunately for me, this was not the first hiccup with this order so I am really beating myself up about it.  Though both things were minor in nature and easily fixable it still wrecks me when I mess something up and it makes it all the way to the client before I notice.  There’s no excuse for that to happen…and to happen twice!!!  I’m actually surprised at myself for even admitting to this publicly, but perhaps part of dealing with the flub is admitting that I’m human and I’m a one-woman operation and sometimes (painful as it is) I screw up.

When i posted about my monthly goals yesterday for the Modish meetup, I got a comment from Laura over at Living Cozy that kind of stuck with me.  She was so sweet and reminded me that being myself and just being real is more important than being “on” all the time, or witty and clever even when I might be feeling like pulling my hair out with stress!  So I suppose, that’s where I’m at today.

I’ve always heard celebrities say how un-glamorous their jobs can be, and how hard they actually work.  I think it’s easy to view being self-employed in a creative field as all perfect, all the time.  For me, it almost always is wonderful–I never ever EVER EVER EVER have a day where I’m not loving my job.  But there is so much else that is hard about it, that is not really seen on the surface.  For example, that little to-do list–I know it’s a wee piece of paper.  But all 12 of those items on it are equally pressing and parts of really big assignments.

And it’s 6:15 on Friday and I’m still at it.

So Laura, you asked for real…you got real today!

*end rant*

May 8th, 2009

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  1. elizabeth says:

    hmm..i am starting to think you are my long lost twin or something! It’s kinda freaking me out! I too hate to be far from home..i worry constantly about leaving my kitty home alone..
    don’t beat yourself up over the snafu. I have had that happen too, and although i feel like an enormous doofus, I make it right, and then move on..until the next time it happens (kidding, ha).
    a word of advice..having just gotten back from a 4 day vacay at the careful with that trusty laptop..i took mine too as “backup”..”just to check my emails” TOTALLY took over my relaxing vacay and when it was time to leave I felt like I never really unplugged. Have Dino hide it from you if necessary :)

  2. thanks for the “real” post. i enjoy all your posts. they always seem real to me. that’s why i enjoy reading your blog.
    loving your Monthly Goal updates. i thought i was going to do the meet-up too (after reading about it on your blog), but i didn’t get around to it. how real is that?!

  3. Isn’t it a law that a to do list isn’t fer real if it doesn’t grow faster than you can tackle items? I find my *real* todo list is the stuff I *must* do between all the thing on the actual list. I know someone who will go back and edit her todo list with the things she DID that spontaneously cropped up and simultaneously crossed them off. (Obsessive much?) And no, it’s not me, but I admit, I’ve thought about it!
    Do you feel better about your mistakes now that you’ve fessed up to the world about them? I find that (not so) simple act can help dissipate a whole lot of self-pressure. I know- and you know, deep down- that the client is going to be super happy with the end product. Bumps happen. Hope you were able to enjoy the weekend without thoughts of work stress, and could fill them with work dreams instead!

  4. Sunny says:

    Ah, my dear….
    After everything got really busy for me in December I found a bag that was ready to ship had a fatal flaw and had to redo the whole thing. I hurt.
    Those things have happened even more since the shop(s) have been so busy: it’s the nature of running something all on your lonesome and being sought after beyond your limits.
    Hang in there: I think it’s wonderful that you are real and human.

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