Monthly Goal Meetup for May via Modish Biz Tips

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Oh man.  Don’t I feel like a schmoe.  I was all gangbusters on this
monthly goal-making list via
Modish Biz Tips and I’m kind of
embarrassed to report my findings.  It would be a lot easier for me to avoid this altogether, but that would sort of defeat the purpose of setting goals for growth.

So, with my tail between my legs I present my April goal recap.

*1: Learn and understand the new
Quickbooks program for Mac that I just bought.
I’m not going to check this one off because it’s only partially complete–and “partially complete” is actually a wild exaggeration.  I bought a Dummies book, but I think I’m too dumb for it.  The good news is that my accountant (my new BFF) has agreed to set me up for free!  Once that is done I will feel more comfortable navigating the book and doing more exploring.  So I won’t technically complete this goal until May 15th when the accountant can meet with me.

Initiate a “client-referral” program. Points for me–I actually did this one!  I would not call it a success, however.  The primary reason being that I did the ultimate faux pas when instituting this goal.  I drafted up a well-written, beautifully designed e-mail that I sent to my husband for review/edits/opinions.  The subject of said e-mail was “Is this good enough to send to everyone or are more changes required?”  After I made the edits he suggested I sent it to everyone on my mailing list…without changing the subject line.  Once I removed my proverbial foot from my big, stupid mouth I got to reading the replies from my perplexed clients.  So, it got done–but it didn’t get done right.

*3: Blog
.  Another one that didn’t go so well.  I really struggle with blogging and finding subject matter do discuss that you’ll find funny, witty, interesting and relevant.  Plus, I’m really freekin’ busy with production and it’s hard for me to get out of that mode when I’m fully in it.  So this will be an ongoing goal.

Outline clear and concise shop/business policies that are universal to
both Etsy and my personal website
. Partly done.  I thought about this one at least.  Does that count?

And finally–though this might belong in position 1–stay positive. Other than a minor meltdown related to the swine flu epidemic I think I was pretty good with this one.  I focused on gratitude and abundance and wealth and prosperity and tried very hard to cancel out my negative thoughts with happy ones.  Because after all, you can’t feel bad when you’re already feeling good!

So, basically, I suck.  I feel like even though I did a lot this month, I didn’t accomplish much of what I actually set out to do.  Seems like a good segue for May monthly goals…

*1.  Blog more stays in.
*2.  Updating policies stays in
*3.  Quickbooks stays in

*4.  Follow up on event-planner marketing campaign–this is something that I started this month.  I built a complete press pack and sent it off to event planners with the intention of building reciprocal business relationships.

*5.  Another thing I’ve started is a website re-deisgn.  Though I’m not in any massive hurry for it I want a fresh take on the site.  I’ve been in touch with the web designer and the wheels are in motion.

*6.  Can I do one for my husband?  I really want him to find a job.  It’s kind of an indirect self-goal. He’s into his fifth month of unemployment and it’s getting a little ridiculous!  So for his sake, I’m sending some goal-setting energies in that direction.

*7.  Keep the freekin’ studio clean.  Seriously.  Why is this so hard for me?  Find a place for things, and then put said things into appropriate places.  Not.  Rocket.  Science.

Okay–check back again in a month and see how I did!

May 6th, 2009

4 Responses

  1. You are very brave to put your goals out there and to share the results! You’ve inspired me to set some concrete goals. Thanks for the virtual kick in the butt!

  2. Racheal says:

    i think you are too hard on yourself! Two out of five-not bad, almost half. hehehe.
    Lookin’ forward to sharing the goal process with you.
    By the way, hope #6 works out and #7 is never easy to begin with.

  3. Laura Hardie says:

    With your blogging goal, my advice is to forget trying to be interesting or funny, and just be yourself. People like your personality when it shines through and the best way to do that is just talk about things that interest you, and post about yourself, post about just stuff. I’m reading your goals post and while that’s maybe something you may feel is only relevant to you, I’ve found it interesting and inspiring. I’m thinking about heading off and setting my own goals, and you brought my attention to the Modish Biz Tips goal setting. I say job well done, keep on doing what you’re doing! :)


    shark says,”just do it!!”
    and don’t beat yourself up – you are great!
    and you are getting it done!!

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