Spring Cleansing

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When things get really busy for me with work, my health and personal well-being are the first things that I stop paying any attention to. (My friends and socializing are the second thing to go.) It pains me to say that until I was in Block Island last week (where I did a seaview yoga class) I hadn’t been in the yoga studio for months. I like to do a little yoga independently each day, but without the energy of a group, I don’t feel as connected.

Most days, I feel like balls. My head hurts, all the time. My joints ache like a 97-year old who’s denounced calcium for all those years. And lately, my skin has been terribly temperamental. Enough is enough, I say!

Under the guidance of my trusted yoga teacher (who is also a holistic health practitioner) I’m undergoing a two-week spring cleansing/detox program. I’m halfway through day two. It’s not fasting, but it’s quite restrictive. I don’t usually have food cravings. Until you take food away from me!

No sugar. No added salt. No caffeine. No alcohol, yeast, grains. Limited dairy–very limited. Tons of water. Lots of veggies and organic proteins. I have to admit–I’m really choking some foods down because of the blandness and texture.

But on the other hand, I’ve discovered that I actually like unsweetened herbal tea–despite that it tastes like a cat scratching post. And I am now addicted to raw, organic pumpkin seeds! (I’ll probably need a detox after this detox) What a tasty little surprise those guys are–I like to dip my green apple slices so that the seeds stick to it. Good texture too. They are now in everything I eat from eggs to tuna salad (with no mayo).

13 1/2 days to go. My starting weight on May 16th was 134.8 lbs.

I would like a piece of cheese.

May 17th, 2009

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  1. Sounds great, Alissa! Keep it up!! I would love to know more about this…when you have time, of course!

  2. I’ve done similar for 3 weeks and it was very successful, but difficult – by the end of that time, I was completely BORED with food. We’ve tried to do it again at least 3 times and can’t get past day 2… just the memory of the boredom and I start to cave in. ‘Course, now I feel bloated and lethargic which is no better than being bored with food. Perhaps I’ll try again.

  3. I’m intrigued…keep us posted.

  4. there must be some middle ground!! this post made me laugh a little as i know how hard it all is. i’ve had to give up alcohol, spice, etc due to a stomach thing and i just can’t give up the coffee – too hard unless i have a few days to go be alone in a corner . . . {which i don’t}. hope u get through it and feel great :)

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