The Scooter Chronicles, 2009 (Part 1)

We’re on vacation!  (Don’t tell anybody, but I’m already going a little stir-crazy, but we’ll save that for another post!)  We got here yesterday–clear, but windy skies made the ferry boat a leeeetle bit rough, and I had to stay in the garage area with the scooter to keep it from tipping over.  (And to tell you the truth that was fine with me because if I had to sit up on deck with the other passengers I would have been watching everybody for signs of sea-sickness and making myself crazy!)

We debarked yesterday about noon and checked into our perfectly charming room overlooking the harbor and above a fabulous shop on the main street.  Since Block Island is only about maybe 4 miles across we were able to ride around the whole island pretty quickly.  Not to be a scooter snob, but we were whizzing by the rental scooters and we were only going about 25 miles per hour!  I’m really glad that I got the 125 cc motor–anything less is just plain scary out on the road.

We walked around, we had tea on our deck, we took a nap–and we’ve pretty much done everything to be done here on the Island pre-season!  Oh, and we had dinner at this lovely hotel with a menu that really sounded top-notch.  It had ingredients like “fig and vanilla infused foam” and “truffle scented bacon dust”.  I was expecting a dish to rival the season finale of Top Chef.  I ordered “Spinach crusted cod with chive mashed potatoes and a cippolini something or other.”  I even asked the waitress how this spinach crust was prepared and she described it to have me believe that it was a bread crumb topping.  It might have been a bread crumb topping–before it was digested and eliminated in the form of a green patty of goose poop laid on top of my fish.  I was, needless to say, sorely disappointed in the presentation.  The taste was slightly better than the appearance but the mashed potatoes were nothing more than unsalted concrete mix.  Boo.

Having said that, I’m still having a nice time.  It’s 8 am right now and when we get moving we’ll ride down to the water and walk on the beach for a while.

More from me later.

May 11th, 2009

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    no helmets- irresponsible!!( mom , I crashed and bumped my head!!) good I can read your blog to find out what’s up – you kicked me to the curb!??!! oxox

  2. You took a nap??! Now THAT’S a vacation!

  3. Samantha says:

    Looks like you’re off to a great start. I know what you mean about stir-crazy though, that happens to me anytime I spend the night away from home.

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