Featured: Modish Biz Tips, Do What You Love series

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I definitely do what I love.  And love what I do.  So to be featured on one of my favorite blogs with the purpose of talking a little bit about my work is just the cat’s pajamas!  (bonus points to whoever can tell me what the heck the origin of the phrase”the cat’s pajamas” is, by the way!)

Jena Coray, (who knows I love those curly locks) the blogging superstar behind Modish posted my interview in the Do What You Love series over on her sister blog Modish Biz Tips.  Go have a read!  For any indie business owner, this blog is a “must” to add to your daily blogreader.  I’ve gleaned so many valuable tidbits on everything from how to properly submit to bloggers, to the ins and outs of estimated taxes.

What do you do for a living?  Do you love it?  Do you dream of something different?  Got any plans to take a giant leap?

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  1. Rachel says:

    I jsut came over from that lovely interview! I really admire your not working on weekends. I found so much great advice in your piece!

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