The “No-sun-a-zoic” Era

White insp board
Now that we’ve entered a period in history widely referred to as the “No-sun-a-zoic Age”, I’m turning into a bit of a vampire.  Wish my skin would sparkle like diamonds the way sexy young Edward Cullen’s does!

In keeping with the theme of the times–grey, neutral, beige, white, blah, blah and blah, I’ve gathered a group of pretties that is anything but boring!  I’ll be careful when reintroducing color into the picture so as not to damage anyone’s oversensitive eyes.

1.  Lamp by Anthropologie
2.  Narcissus mirror also by Anthropologie
3.  Adirondack chair via Sundance
4.  Asymmetric one-piece by Sundance
5.  Bride photo via Martha Stewart
6.  Photo by Lori411 via Etsy
7.  Perfect Match pearls by Sundance

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  1. I went to look up that gorgeous one piece on Sundance and it seems to be gone! Not that I would buy it because, you know… I hate the beach and all… but it’s so fantabulous I want to stare at it a little closer.

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