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Save the date Jane Marquis Wilson custom wedding gown

Now that I’ve been blogging a bit more regularly, I sometimes feel bad when I don’t get to it for a few days!  I start to wonder if my legion of adoring fans is starting to miss me!  Pffft–imagine that!  There’s a lot to catch you up on the past few days–seems like a whirlwind ripped through here in the past two weeks or so!

First, I feel like I need to acknowledge all the heartfelt comments to the Weight Loss post–not that I ever thought I was alone in that struggle, but there is something really comforting in hearing about other people’s experiences.  I gleaned a lot of good advice from all of you–and I’m really going to try to take it!  For example–the scale is gone!  (Thanks, Meg)  I’m going to weigh in once a week at most and I’m going to pay less attention to that stupid 3-digit number.  And lots of you mentioned the muscle > fat bit–though I know that mathematically that’s impossible, I definitely get the point of what you’re saying.  Muscle weighs more than fat by volume so if I replace lumpy fat cells with lean muscle tissue the scale will reflect that–but more importantly my clothes will!  So that’s where I’m focusing from now on.  I do not want to enter my 30’s with a looming sense of body dysmorphia and an obsession with every calorie I consume.

Kid's party invite balloons birds

On a related topic (and this is a sentiment I’m sure I share with other bloggers) I LOVE LOVE LOVE hearing from you guys!  Lots of times I get e-mails from people who read the blog but don’t leave comments.  Don’t be shy!  Otherwise I feel like I’m writing a blog for the ether!  Thanks for chiming in and keep it coming!

In other news, we spent last weekend away at my in-laws, and then this week I was wrapped up in prepping for a bridal expo that happened on Tuesday.  That was a big success–I had huge crowds at my table and lots of genuine interest.  Most people were looking for something a little more unique than the typical stationery books you look through for wedding invites.  So, now starts the follow-up marketing–usually you don’t see the return on one of these events for a few months, but I’m confident this time.

I spent the night at my parent’s house since my mom and I were traveling to see my granny the next day.  Isn’t it strange how after you’ve been gone a long time, the house you grew up in doesn’t feel like yours anymore?  My room is not the same as when I lived there.  I’ve told you about how my mom is totally kooky right, and addicted to tag sales and has a collection of things that you can’t even begin to explain/understand?  So I go to crawl into bed that night, but a huge garment bag is covering the pillows–what’s inside you wonder?  A coat maybe, or a formal dress or suit?  No.  A poly-fur Santa suit.  Don’t.  Ask.  Words fail me.

The pics above are a little peek at what I’ve been working on–remember the Jane Marquis Wilson wedding dress post?  Here’s the semi-final version of that.  And a birthday party invite for my friend in California’s sweet little 2 year old girl who loooooves balloons at the moment!

Lots of other stuff going on behind the scenes here at Mew and I need to keep my nose to the grindstone before time gets away from me.

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  1. Love the invitation! Great job!

  2. karin sampogna says:

    you go girl -( and I have alot more secrets than the Santa suit – you should see your dad when he dresses up like Tarzan!!! hahaha)

  3. hey lady! it is a little crazy how much we have in common. i totally joined ww online um, 3 weeks ago. i am 28 but still, life and age are something we all relate to. thanks for sharing. great to hear things are going well.

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