Dinner at The Bedford Post Inn

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I’m no food critic, by any stretch, and although I like to cook and eat, I’m not even a chef.  So don’t think of this post as a technical “restaurant review”.  I don’t feel like I have the authority to claim that my opinions really matter!

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Saturday night I went with my friend and neighbor to the Bedford Post Inn, where her new fiancée is the bartender.  I had heard that the place was being completely remodeled by new owners Richard Gere, Carey Lowell and Russell Hernandez.  It’s a bit off the beaten path in Bedford, New York–but the entire town of Bedford is a bit off the beaten path for that matter.

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The property was incredible.  Absolutely gorgeous.  We were there after dark, so I didn’t get the full effect of the grounds, but what I could see was really magnificent.  To my surprise, an old friend who coordinated my wedding last year at 121 Restaurant (I wish this place had been open in April ’08!) works there, and gave us a full tour of the space.  Secret little private dining nooks abound (which are the preferred spots for local celebrities) as well as a state of the art wine cellar, 8 guest rooms, a more casual breakfast/lunch cafe and a yoga loft that took my breath away.  The majority of the design was spearheaded by Carey Lowell herself–think farmhouse with rustic, reclaimed wood beams and massive hearths, but also stylish and comfortable.  Everything down to the door hardware was meticulously planned.

As for the food…well!  It really was divine–we shared a starter of butternut squash tortellini in brown sage butter and for my entrée I had prosciutto crusted halibut with braised apple pureé.  Portions were teeny-weeny, and prices were not!  But the overall experience was really wonderful.  Plus I had the great company of my friend and her fiancée!

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Oh, and we got a glimpse of Richard Gere himself on his way out!  I used to work for a long time in the restaurant business in the Bedford/Mt. Kisco area, where I’ve seen my share of celebrity clientele, so I’m not easily star struck.  Although there is something a little surreal about seeing someone you’ve ever only seen in 2-D right there in the flesh!

As for the yoga barn, I plan on going to experience it for myself later on this week.  The energy of the space itself was very strong for me and I’m feeling a pull to practice in there.

*All photos in this post are credit to the Bedford Post website.

Tell me about a really special dining experience you’ve had recently, in the comments below.

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