A Salvaged Mantle becomes a Headboard

vintage mantlepiece headboardMy friend Melissa and I have taken to crafty projects–we started with the terrarium for my house, and our second attempt was this headboard for her guest room. This one had a bit of a rough start, but she was able to pull it together and the finished product is really nice.  So, now for this edition of “Crafting with TheLissa’s…

Melissa purchased the salvaged mantle from a consignment shop.  Keep your eyes peeled at tag sales and flea markets for the best deals on these.  You can also try architectural salvage yards for a huge selection–United House Wrecking is a good stop if you’re in the CT area.  If you’re feeling extra crafty, give it a rustic two-color paint finish.

Then, she had a piece of luan cut to size at Home Depot–they do that for you.  You can also use MDF or plywood, but make sure no matter what you use you’ve got studs to nail into.  (This is one of the flaws in our first attempt–so, we apologize in advance to any of her overnight guests who get their heads crushed in the night.)vintage mantlepiece headboard

Dino the packrat had a bunch of foam squares horded up in our garage–because you never know when you might need a bunch of foam squares.  And lucky us, we found the perfect use.  We used contractor’s glue to adhere the foam squares to the luan and then trimmed the overhanging edges.

After ironing the fabric that Melissa chose, we used a staple gun to wrap the foam-covered board.  This resulted in very sore thumbs and wrists.  As you go around stapling, start in the middle and gently stretch the material evenly outward so that you don’t end up with a wonky covering.  This is especially important if your fabric has a stripe or print.  (You might notice that the photos of our first attempt feature a solid fabric, and the finished product is striped…yeah, that was another one of the flaws.  Melissa got glue all over the first one.  So not my fault. )vintage mantlepiece headboardvintage mantlepiece headboard

Now, depending on your mantle piece you can either screw your covered board to the frame, or directly to the wall.  In our case, we had to go directly to the wall.  The screws went directly through the covered board into the wall creating that tufted look.  And then she simply hot-glued the decorative buttons over the screws.  Pretty pillows, some picture frames and a few decorative items turned the guestroom around in no time!

And there you have it–a fun afternoon craft project brought to you by TheLissa’s

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  1. Beautiful! Great idea and well executed. Bravo.

  2. karin says:

    very cool!!!! I once saw the coolest mantle in a dumpster, but couldn’t pick it up by myself , so went home to beg your father’s help. No, no , no of course, until many hours later that I convinced him to bring his truck to help me . When we got there the people were home and they changed their mind about throwing it out!!! Dang!! Also missed a great lingerie chest on the side of the road when I waited to pick it up on the way home…act first , think later!!

  3. Melissa says:

    Dude my guest room is on the internet!! Love that damn headboard!!

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