A Harvey Kind of Christmas

treesmallIt’s no secret that I have a reputation for being a bit grumbly around the holidays.  But I think my heart may have grown three sizes this year!  All right, that’s probably a bit of an exaggeration.  In any case, I’m making an attempt at being jolly this year as evidenced by the Christmas wonderland in our living room.  (Last year, I didn’t put up a stitch of decoration–not even a tree.)handmade Mexican nativity set

Over Thanksgiving we went with our friends to a The Maple Row Tree Farm in nearby Easton, CT.  Though we didn’t cut our own tree, we fully embraced the tailgating.  We put up our own artificial mini-trees.  I realize to some that this is a crime against humanity.  I think these little trees are just adorable though!  And since our collection of ornaments isn’t that big, they’re the perfect size to display what we have without looking sparse.  Look, I even hung stockings!  The one on the left was mine since I can remember–it has a little mouse peeking out the bottom.   Growing up, we all got up super early and the only thing we were allowed to open before our parents got up was the stocking…always my favorite part.  The stocking on the right was handmade for me my friend Sec from Senegal, Africa.  (He owns an upholstery shop next door to the frame store I used to work at and he used leftover scraps to make it for me–he hadn’t heard of this American tradition of stockings before)

On the little side table I put up my mom’s Mexican nativity set.  It’s also handmade, out of clay.  This was another favorite from growing up that my mom passed on to me along with her china dishes.child's Christmas list

The best part though, has to be this Christmas list that I made for Santa when I was maybe 7 or 8 years old, not sure.  The only thing I can remember getting from the list that year was the Fluppy Dog!  Oh, and I loved it.  I went without the So Soft My Little Pony and the Sweet Secrets Radio, and it wasn’t until my birthday the following year that I got my beloved Cabbage “Path” with corn silk hair!  This year, the only thing on my Christmas list is a new camera–you can tell by these photos that I need one desperately.  (I’m currently using a 7 mp Casio that I’m borrowing from my granny.)

What are some of your favorite memories of holidays past?  What was on your list when you were just a kid?  And what’s on it this year?

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  1. karin says:

    gosh, I really give you lot of my fav things!!! I forgot about this nativity set , handmade from Mexico( or for me , Stormville flea market!!) That was in my “collecting nativity sets” days- now I have so many I give them away!!
    When we were kids we didn’t make lists , had a “Charlie Brown tree” , but were soooooo excited when we came downstairs in the morning to see the gifts under the tree- It was soooo magical. One year my sister and I got those dolls that were popular in the ’50s to put on your bed- the doll was small , but the skirt was way big. But mine had a little piece of string sticking out that just bothered me so much , that I had to keep trying to pull it off, until of course, the skirt came apart and I ruined it!!
    And I think we got new Tiny Tear dolls each year that I just loved. But I did bite off most of the fingers of Tiny , over the years . Thinking now about the string and the fingers give pause for me to realize this could have been the start of my ADD and nailbiting habits that might pop up even to this day!!
    And when my own kids were little , I used to love when they would lie under the tree with the lights on , and just look up – remember when Corey made your list for Santa with all of the prices included?!
    Well – hope everyone makes beautiful Christmas memories this year – maybe ours will be the cookie baking day!! xoox ma

  2. Melissa says:

    I love you guys!!

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