In this issue of Happy Elf Digest…Christmas Cookie Baking!

The joy and festivities continued yesterday with a full day of serious cookie baking.  My mom came with three huge laundry baskets (that’s what she travels with–not suitcases or bags.  Laundry baskets.) full of baking artillery.  Sheet pans, hand mixer, about 37 lbs. of flour and sugar, and of course a Pampered Chef cookie press.  Like every other woman over 27 in America, she has a cookie press still in the package–seemed like such a good idea to buy at the time (of course, she bought hers for $2 at a tag sale, not at a Pampered Chef party) and then once we used it we realized why it stays in the package.

cookie pressWe started with a Pampered Chef recipe for peanut butter cookies in the press which called for exactly 0 cups of flour.  Just straight peanut butter, eggs and sugar.  Heart healthy for sure.  We put them in the cookie press and by the time we got the hang of the stupid thing they were coming out in perfect little shapes of Christmas tress.  Then we baked them and they spread into thin, shapeless discs of caramelized peanut butter.  A drizzle of chocolate and some chopped peanuts brought them right back to life.  And they were delicious, with a bit of a texture of a caramel lace cookie.

Later, my friend Melissa came by for another episode of “Crafting With TheLissa’s” and we made a batch of Thin Mints, some Pignoli Cookies and some peanut-cranberry-chocolate candies.baking 2 smallliss momI was so excited that I found a recipe for my favorite Lemon Drop cookies–you know, the ones covered with powdered sugar with a crunchy, lemony cookie inside?  Love those!  After baking them for a little while I noticed that not only weren’t they browning at all, but they had spread into a big brain-like cluster on the sheet pan.  It’s important to note that this particular sheet pan was completely flat with no sides.  Distraught, I pulled the pan out of the oven to show Mom and Melissa and the cookies slid right off their parchment off the sideless pan and onto the floor!  If you were wondering why they are called Lemon Drops, now you know.  Turns out that they weren’t browning because I only put one cup of flour when the recipe called for one and a half.  Whoops!  The fact that they were ugly made it a bit easier to take when they landed in a pile of crumbs!droppinglemon dropslaughing smallThat little incident was definitely the icing on the cake cookie!  We all had a good laugh over it, and still had plenty of cookies to send home with everyone!

What’s your favorite holiday recipe?

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  1. OK, who is this smiling, merry, holiday-cookie-baking person? What have you done with Alissa? Never mind… you can stick around for a bit- it’s fun watching you have holiday fun. :)

  2. Hi Aliss, I love to see you having so much fun in the kitchen…wish we lived closer so we could do some baking together! Keep with the Christmas’re such a good writer…fun to read about all that you’re up to!
    My favorite holiday recipe is a walnut crescent cookie made with about 2 pounds of butter, confectionery sugar, crushed walnuts & little else. It always brings me back to childhood Christmas’s when I make them. I am going to post the recipe on my blog later this week on baking day. In the meantime, keep making merry…Love to you and Dino! xo Donna

  3. Melissa says:

    Yess I finally get to see The Lissas!!! Nice pics! We are nuts!

  4. Don says:

    We recieved our cookies and I pigged out … but Ann ate all the lemon drop cookies before I got there ……. Thanks (burp)

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