Merry Christmas and Happy “Mew” Year!

happy mew year

2009 was a year of ups and downs and inside outs.  Yeah, we definitely saw some tough times with Dino’s job loss and my dad’s heart attack.  We joked all year that if we could survive this tough stuff in our first year of marriage, then we would be building on a strong foundation.  Thankfully, many good times overshadowed the challenges–Mew got some fantastic press on the CBS National News, Dino and I enjoyed some nice time away together on Block Island and in New Jersey, I had a fantastic 30th birthday celebration and everyone is healthy!

My hope for you is that 2009 quietly fades away and 2010 comes barrelling through in a whirlwind of health, prosperity and lots and lots of joy!

Thank you for spending a year with me, here at the Mew Blog.  Thank you for supporting my dream of building a business doing what I love.  Thank you for being supportive friends–even those of you who I’ve never met.

Stay tuned in ’10 to see what’s brewing in the Mew Studio–I’ve got some great ideas to introduce, some giveaways to share and probably a bunch of surprises along the way!

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  1. daisy janie says:

    Merry Christmas and many, many happy returns in 2010!

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