The importance of an explicit Christmas list, if you really want to get what you want.

Yesterday’s post asked you to share some of your favorite Christmas memories.  And today, over on Cicada Studio’s blog, Michelle is asking for your most memorable holiday gift.  This got me thinking (and laughing) about my gift exchange with Dino, just last year.

Just like everyone last year, our wallets were a little thinner than years past so we agreed that we would just get each other one gift, and that the one gift couldn’t be super expensive.  For me it was easy.  I knew right away what to get him.  (We were newlyweds, celebrating our first Christmas together since our wedding in April and I wanted the gift to be memorable and special.)  Did you know Dino was a little bit of a rock star?  He plays guitar in a local band.  I went over to Silver Sparrow Designs on Etsy and commissioned a sterling silver guitar pick with a special phrase engraved on it.  I thought long and hard about what phrase would be appropriate and came up with a line from our wedding vows which we each wrote for the other.  When the pick arrived, it read “I promise to give it all to you until it’s gone, and then find more to give”.  Sweet right?  Special?  Sentimental, touching, thoughtful?  Yeah, I thought so too.

Now it’s Christmas morning and it’s time for us to exchange our single gift.  I handed Dino the petite package, beautifully wrapped and decorated.  It was like putting my beating, bleeding heart into his hands–I had put so much careful planning into this handmade gift.  He opened it in front of me and turned to mush–just as I suspected!  Success.  When it was my turn to open my gift visions of what it might be flashed in my head–maybe he had framed one of our wedding pics for me.  Or maybe he was sneaky and went and got something off of my Etsy favorite’s list.  Dino is a sentimental kind of guy–I knew it was going to be good!

I crinkled my way through the paper and inside was…wait for it…get ready…lonesome dove

A Borders Gift Card and a paperback copy of his favorite book.

Ummmm?  Wait, what?  Is this my present?  Did I open the right package?  What is happening right now?

Oh, okay.  Awesome, I like to read.  This is great.  Practical.  Thanks.  No, really thanks.

Don’t worry–I forgave him quickly.  We got a good laugh about it–in fact we still tease each other about the incident.  This year for my birthday inside of the card he taped a coupon for 40% off anything at Borders.  And he did make up for it at Valentine’s Day and again on our Anniversary–where he did have our wedding pic framed and matted with our wedding vows printed in calligraphy around it.

The moral of this story is, if you want something specific, you must ask quite specifically.  And if you tell your husband “No no, don’t get me anything this year” or “Just one inexpensive gift this year”, it is highly likely that that is what you’ll get.

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  1. Don says:

    Then there was the year … when Ann & I gave each other a new septic system (talk about romantic )… remembering looking out that back window at the new mounds of dirt & trenchs still chokes me up !!!

  2. jena says:

    haha!! That is so awesome! Glad you two had a laugh about it- laughter is the best gift of all!

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