Announcing our giveaway winner!

giveaway winnerSorry, I’m a delayed in announcing the winner for last week’s Scavenger Hunt.  That was fun!  Rather than use the random number generator that seems to be popular for these sorts of things I called up a friend and asked her to say a number between 1-33 (the number of entries there were–sorry Mom, yours didn’t count).  Without even asking for an explanation why I needed this number, she promptly declared 16!

Lucky number 16 is Monica from Our Designed Life.  Monica answered all three questions right–we went to Turks and Caicos on our honeymoon, I had a tea party for my birthday last year, and my super-fantastically-rad scooter is bright blue!  Keep an eye on your postbox Monica!

Thanks to everyone who entered–we’ll do another one of these soon!

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  1. karin says:

    what ??…. your most loyal blogger’s entry doesn’t count??!!

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