Another installment of Photography Phrustrations

decorative ceramic pigI definitely have enough on this subject to make it a somewhat regular post series on this blog.

In fairness, I’ve not really given myself a fair shake with the camera–I’ve hardly used it and have yet to take it out of the home at all to shoot anything of interest.  So, at this point, the only experiments I’ve done are on things that exist somewhere in the house.  For example, a cracked egg shell, an assortment of Japanese tea caddies and the corner of my dining room that I’ve pictured here.  I haven’t even had the energy or drive to do another product photo session.

Why am I so unenamored (did I make that word up?) with this thing?  I feel like I need to capture one awesome photo in order to feel it grab me.  But it’s evident that I don’t have the knack for turning every day objects into art, as I’ve seen so many other hobbyist photographers do.vintage Japanese teaset

At this point, I’m starting to grasp the concept of the way the camera works–exposure, aperture, etc.  So there’s a start, I suppose. Here I’ve posted a couple of shots of a cabinet in my dining room.  I guess I’ve demonstrated depth of field here.  Did I even get it right?  There are many other shots from this grouping that I didn’t post–some going towards the light, some going away, some from above and some from below.  I’m feeling hung up on the technical aspects of photography–in other words, I feel that because there is so much technique required in capturing a good photo that there is less room for interpretation as in some other art forms.  Does that make sense?  And currently, I’m just focusing on technique, before I even delve into subject matter.

Perhaps today is the day that I take the darn thing out of the house and play some more.

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  1. Fstop Fitzgerald says:

    Having gotten to photography from other art media, I completely agree with you. My first experiences were humiliating. I then took a class that had to be one of the worst academic experiences of my life. Believe me, I’ve had some pretty bad ones. Shoot, I ran away from kindergarten and it went down hill from there. I was so angered by the amount of dough I had spent on the camera and supplies and the by the utter incompetence of the instructor that I had that I set out to make that freaking thing work for me. I’ll be honest, there is a lot of technical stuff to learn to really be in control and make art. But once you get it, it’s easily manipulated. You’re already in very good shape. Don’t be discouraged. I kind of fancy the first image.

  2. It’s awesome that you are conquering your camera. I love it because I’m in the same place. How well I know the frustration of taking 50 pictures and the unsatisfying feeling of not a single good shot. Have I recommend you take a look at the photography tutorials at Pioneer Woman? I found that extremely helpful. It may also be useful to pick a “rule” like the Rule of Thirds or getting in closer and concentrating on exploring that for a while with a variety of subjects. We can do this!

  3. Photography is always the pain that gets in my way. I just want to create but to run a business, gotta have the pics. I take five to six photos of each piece sometimes, and I hate it when even PhotoShop won’t save it.

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