Win Mew goodies in a Blog Scavenger Hunt!

Blog Scavenger Hunt

Happy New Year!  Happy, Happy New Year!  Nothing like a clean slate to get things started off on the right foot.  Here at Mew, I’m making room for some new illustrations and designs in the collection.  So, I thought it’d be a good time to host a giveaway featuring some of my tried and true favorites and best sellers.  (These stand-bys aren’t going anywhere–they’ll be available in the Mew shop for good!)

Let’s have some fun.  In order to be eligible to win the stationery sets shown above, you have to go on a blog scavenger hunt!  Use the search toolbar in the upper right to find the answers to three simple questions.  Answer all three questions correctly to have your name entered in the pot.  If you’re the lucky winner, it’s all yours–handmade stationery worth over $40.  You must leave your answer in the comments below, and you need to include a valid e-mail address.  (I need to be able to contact you if you are the winner.)  I’ll keep the comments hidden until the end of the giveaway so there can be no sneaky cheats!  You’ll have between now and January 8th to enter the giveaway.  And yes, it’s even open to you lovely peeps across the pond!  Anyone can play.  Here are the questions:

1.)  My April 2008 honeymoon was the best week of my life.  (I still look at the pictures once a week or so).  Where did Dino and I spend that amazingly, blissful week?

2.)  If you’ve been reading, you know that I made quite a fuss about turning 30 in October this year.  What was the theme of the party I threw to celebrate?

3.)  Back in May, Dino and I took the ferry over to Block Island with my beloved scooter for an early summer getaway.  What color is the scooter?

OK–get to it!  Happy hunting!

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