Help! I NEED new slippers.


Yeah yeah yeah, I realize that to many of you, my need for new slippers is not nearly important enough of a topic to dedicate an entire blog post to.  However, in my mind, it is of utmost importance, in fact.  Working from home, it’s all I wear throughout the day–I do not like germy, outside shoes up on my carpets and nice wood floors!  But, I’ve been wearing this pair for over two years now and not only are they worn through the sole and hanging by a thread, to be frank, they smell like an old onion.

Normally, I would get a new pair of slippers every Christmas from Dino.  He gave me this pair in ’08, and the same pair in pink the year before.  Before that he gave me a pair of pink velvet Moroccan style ones with silver sequins!  Loved those.  Problem with this year was, my go-to style has been discontinued by Daniel Green.  So I’m scuffing around in these rotten old things that aren’t even worthy of dusting the floor with.

Easy problem to fix, you would think.  But for me, I have very specific criteria to be met.  Perhaps you have a suggestion?  My ideal pair would be these from anthropologie slipperogie–but, alas, these too are no longer available.

Here is what I definitely do not want:

  • A full coverage shoe-style slipper
  • Anything UGG
  • Thick, fluffy slippers
  • Moccasins
  • Do not even think of suggesting a crocheted Mary Jane
  • Anything sock-ish

More importantly, here is what I do want, and will accept no substitute for, which explains why I still wear these old things and trail a faint scent of old onion around:

  • Mule style
  • Thin sole–nothing quilted, puffy, thick, memory foam or otherwise
  • A feminine detail would be nice–beading, embroidery etc.

That’s it!  Three little things, I’m looking for–why is it so hard to find the right thing???  These from Bure Bure on Etsy have pretty much everything I’m looking for, but I’m a little leery of paying $70 without trying them on first.  Also HydraHeart on Etsy has some real potential, but nothing in the mule style that I require–I want to literally “slip” into my slippers and not need to use my hands or sit down

So, if you’ve got any suggestions, please link to them in the comments below!  The search is on!

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