Condo Gardening

kitchen garden

Pffftt–if you can even call it that!  If you live in a condo, or other shared space, you know how difficult it is to do anything to your little half a square inch of property without someone from the board of directors giving you a hard time. (Which is precisely why I joined the board of directors at my place.)  Since you can’t plant anything in the ground directly, for the sake of conformity, I had my friend Melissa who is a gardening champ, help me plant a few pots to spruce things up.

Kitchen Gardengrape hyacinth

I do not have a green thumb.  It’s a wonder that my terrarium is still alive–and believe it or not, thriving!  But it’s pretty hard to mess that thing up since you hardly even have to water it, let alone even look at it!  So, I make no claims about how long these pots will last.  So far so good though–I’ve got pretty pansies, green leaf lettuce, arugula (my favorite) and mesclun seedlings sprouting up.  When it gets a bit warmer, I’m going to stock the herb pot–right now there is sage and lavender, but later I plan to put in chives, parsley, rosemary, basil, rosemary, mint and thyme.  When you have your own mint growing at your doorstep there’s always a good reason to have a mojito!  Anyone know the secret to successfully growing cilantro?  It never lasts more than a week for me, it’s just so delicate.

What are you planting in your rden this season?

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  1. Karin says:

    yay mojito bandito – call the girls – we’re there!!!

  2. Look at you go! Grow garden grow. Isn’t terrarium a fun word to say? Terrarium. Terrarium. Hee hee!

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