Secret Vacation

Aliss beach

I did it…I snuck away for a few days.  Finally, we got back to the beach for the first time in two years, since our honeymoon.  It was sort of spur of the moment, and it was way too short–but very sweet.  We joked that the trip did two things for us:  1) remind us that we need to this way more often, and 2) remind us that we are never having children!

feet on the beach

For three whirlwind days we did a whole lot of relaxing–laid by the pool, walked on the beach, ate tons of great seafood, drank plenty of great wine, went kayaking at the nature preserve and picked out our dream home on the waterfront!  The trip definitely got the wheels turning about relocating someday to a warmer climate, or at least getting a vacation home of our home.

kayak on ocean

And now we’re back…there was a long to-do list waiting for me here in the studio, so it’s time to get back to the grind right away.  Got any travel plans yourself before the heat of summer sets in?

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