What’s New at Mew: A Rustic Farm Wedding in the Berkshires

barn invite 1 small

Teri contacted me via Etsy at first with a pretty solid vision of what she wanted her invites to be like.  The wedding would be held in a rustic old barn up in the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts.  It was important for the bride to incorporate birds, wildflowers and a barn.  At first it was a little challenging to meld all these components without the final product seeming kitschy.  We went through quite a few iterations of barn-inspired ideas before we settled on this.  The end result is a more subtle interpretation of the theme.

barn invite 2 small

The invite is printed on toothy, deckled edge ivory stock and layered onto shimmering, cornflower blue.  A matching bellyband decked out in wildflowers slides around the middle to hold the oversized response card neatly in place.  The response card needed to feature all the fun wedding-related events through out the weekend, so we went with an A2 size.

The blue color palette is inspired by the brides handpainted wedding gown by Jane Wilson.  Remember this other Jane Wilson inspired invitation suite I did a while back?  (just finished and posted that one too, by the way–pictures to follow.)  Kind of a coincidence that two brides in the same year who chose Jane Wilson wedding gowns also chose Mew Paper invitations!

barn response small

Best wishes Teri and Jerry for a wedding that’s a dream come true!

April 1st, 2010

3 Responses

  1. Angela says:

    These are really lovely, Alissa! I love the colors and the flowers on the band.

  2. Karin says:

    shoot – I got married in the Berkshires and you didn’t make beautiful invites for me!!! Oh yeah , you weren’t born yet.

  3. Lovey says:

    I’d like to get married every year, just so you’d keep making me invites.

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